Prior to marketing or sales of motor vehicles, automotive systems and their components need to have type approval according to the official standards of their destination countries. These standards aim at improving active and passive car safety, environmental protection as well as the quality of products and production process.

Named as technical service and notified in Geneva (UN-ECE) as well as in Brussels (EU), Luxcontrol provides vehicle type approval according to EU directives/regulations and UN regulations. On this basis, the Société Nationale de Certification et Homologation (SNCH), acting on behalf of the Luxembourg Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, issues type-approval certificates.

Our team of multilingual engineers ensures fast, flexible and adapted services such as:

  • The control for the certificate of approval according to the EU directives/regulations and UN regulations
  • Guidance and assistance in the interpretation of the automotive standards
  • Choice of the correct tests for difficult cases in order to reduce costs and time
  • Compilation of optimized test plans
  • Assisting preparation of documents, related to approval in several languages
  • Consulting and assisting in setting up quality management systems specific to the automotive sector (IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.)

The variety of vehicles concerned is very broad:

  • Passenger cars, commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers, agricultural machineries
  • Engines for machinery

Luxcontrol is located in Europe (Luxembourg), in the United States (Detroit), in China (Shanghai, Tianjin), in Turkey (Istanbul) and in Japan (Tokyo). 


  •   DO-HOM-004-IA-COP-Q-specific-requirements : Specific requirements complementary to the sales agreement between Luxcontrol SA and the customer for the provision of initial and re-assessment of the customer quality management system and to Luxcontrol SA general terms.

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